Step One: Identify the Issue

The Problem

What happens when a thriving business runs into the same condundrum over and over? When Elevate5 approached us in late 2015, they had encountered the same scenario multiple times – clients didn’t have the budget for a custom website, but existing WordPress themes didn’t meet their needs and were time-consuming to set up. The Elevate5 team needed a better middle ground that would serve smaller clients or businesses without sacrificing quality.

Step Two: Consider Possibilities

The Discussion

In our conversations with Cara, one of the Elevate5 partners, we worked to identify the basic elements each client would need, including hosting, email, and various website features. We also looked at other optional add-ons clients might request and how those might figure into a pricing structure.

Time was the most difficult hurdleHow could the Elevate5 team offer a lower price point without devoting the same length of time spent on custom projects?

We know our clients and their needs, but we get hung up on the best methods for meeting those needs without doing a complete custom project. We need help!

Cara Christenson, Partner at Elevate5
Step 3: Plan

Needed Features

The two teams developed a list of the common features Elevate5's clients would need. Here are some examples of the features selected for inclusion in the project.

Step 4: Work

The Solution

After many discussions about the needed elements, Elevate5 opted to move forward with a series of pre-made Genesis child themes utilizing Advanced Custom Fields. Through the use of ACF templates, each theme can be set up, configured, and personalized for the client's branding in a matter of hours or days instead of weeks. Clients can provide images, headings, and other content in advance to shorten the time needed for completion and launch.

The first three completed themes can be viewed below - click an image to view larger, or use the buttons to view the demo site for each theme. Elevate5's beautiful designs and marketing expertise make these themes a huge selling point for clients!

After looking at the finished themes and all the templates... I'm so glad I outsourced! It would have taken us MONTHS to figure all this out by ourselves!

Cara Christenson, Partner at Elevate5
Step Five: Profit

The Results

Elevate5 has received overwhelmingly positive feedback since launching their Genesis templates and now use them for the majority of their client work. We are working with the Elevate5 team to add some new features to the existing themes as well as build additional themes for them to offer their clients.

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