Receiving our new business plaque from Greater Muhlenberg Chamber president Melissa Recke

Receiving our new business plaque from Greater Muhlenberg Chamber president Melissa Recke

Nuts and Bolts Media was founded in February 2011 and became a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in August 2012. Owner Andrea Whitmer has 19 years of experience in web design, front-end development (HTML, PHP, CSS), and server administration.

Our goal is to help professional web designers work smarter, not harder.

By assisting designers with the technical aspects of their work with clients, we allow them to complete projects faster and focus on what they love. Many of our partners come to us because they’re frustrated by things like coding, server problems, and hacked client sites. They don’t want to deal with that stuff – they just want to design awesome websites.

A partnership with Nuts and Bolts Media means taking control of the chaos. We aren’t here to replace you – we’re here to enhance the great work you’re already doing. When you work with us, you know your clients are receiving quality development and tech support services that make your designs even better, all while saving time and eliminating stress.

Our Philosophy

Our name was chosen because it reflects what we do – we give our partners the basics, or nuts and bolts, they need to complete client projects quickly and efficiently. Then we step out of the way to allow our partners to continue working with their clients as they see fit.

Good website design isn’t just about looks. It’s about empowering clients to meet their goals, whether they want to sell products, gain exposure, or just develop a presence on the web. It is with those goals in mind that we approach every project – our design partners deserve to spend their time on the things that matter most.

We seek to develop a long-term relationship with each of our partners. The internet is constantly changing, so it makes sense to give your clients a web presence that can adapt to those changes. With flexible options for development, training, and ongoing support, Nuts and Bolts Media will help transform your design business into the powerhouse you’ve always known it could be.