Sometimes it is important to have someone to help fill in the gaps in your knowledge, especially when you live in a remote area. This is where Andrea Whitmer has helped me - not only to improve my skills, but to implement plans and procedures to help me develop my business as well.

Andrea is great to work with, and her vast experience is obvious; as a result of working with her, my skills have grown exponentially and so has my business. Having Andrea is like having my own help desk….but I like to think of her as a coach and as a friend.

Chuck Burke
Sizzlemonkey Web Development Services
Andrea Whitmer is one of those people who is blessed with technical know-how as well as an excellent customer service ethic. I purchased a block of time from her to assist me on customizing a client site and she went above and beyond on making sure that I understood what she taught me, as well as the code changes that she made for me offline. I was in a situation of “I don’t know what I don’t know” and needed someone several levels above me to give me the tools for that site and future client projects. Now I’m ready for a new project requiring different tools and I have the utmost confidence that Andrea will be the person to help me.
Liz Schneider
When I was transitioning my client sites into a WordPress and Genesis world, it was Andrea who got me through the process. She was able to answer endless questions that would have taken me days and days to search and filter through myself. I had six sessions with her over the course of a few weeks and was so thankful I found her. She saved me thousands of dollars in time and even more value in saving me from making mistakes that would have created even more problems in the future.
Gregg Murray

Andrea has been an incredible person to work with. She is super personable, always contributing ideas, and she has an incredible network of people to find the best solutions to a problem.

We relied on Andrea's development expertise to turn a mismanaged client website into a gold nugget lead generator. Thanks to Andrea's hard work and tireless effort, the site not only relaunched on time, but it went on to win a PRSA Parthenon Award in Nashville. Andrea brought so much to our experience and helped solidify our plans to keep Genesis as a part of our web design process.

Joshua Brown
Andrea at Nuts and Bolts Media offers outstanding training and support. As a web designer new to WordPress, I have worked with Andrea on several projects as I learn my way around Genesis & StudioPress. She is very helpful and patient with my learning curve. Andrea is an excellent problem-solver and has provided me with excellent coding support. I continue to learn from Andrea and I highly recommend the Genesis/WordPress training services from Nuts and Bolts Media.
Jennifer Searls
Andrea is our go-to person for troubleshooting themes, plugins, or any WordPress issues. She is efficient and works tirelessly to find the best solutions. We appreciate her attention to the big picture, fixing problems without disrupting other site functions. She also keeps the lines of communication open so that we can keep our clients in the know about our progress.
Jennifer and Jason Bruce
As a web designer, I have gone to Andrea Whitmer several times with technical issues and found her to be exceptionally accommodating. Andrea always came up with a solution to any of my WordPress development problems. Specifically, one of my clients needed a difficult customization for one of their sites - Andrea found a solution which saved me and made my client happy. I owe a great deal of thanks to Andrea for all of her professionalism and hard work in solving my WordPress problems.
Barbara Tierney
I've worked with Andrea on several occasions and she's always proven to be extremely helpful & thorough. I'd definitely recommend her services as she's a terrific asset!
Joy Miller
Andrea has been incredibly helpful when I've run into issues building out new sites. I can do most of the work on my own, but when I get stuck, it is nice to know I have someone just a quick email away to help me solve virtually any HTML, CSS, or PHP issue I run into.
Eric Rosenberg