A partnership you can count on.

At Nuts and Bolts Media, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for every one of our partners. We select a limited number of designers to work with at one time, ensuring that each is given adequate attention for questions, project revisions, and training.

Benefits you actually want.

relaxThis would be a great time to fill your head with tons of marketing fluff, but that’s not exactly how we roll. When you work with us, the benefits are simple and clear:

  • Save time and sanity by outsourcing the aspects of your client work you don’t have time for or don’t enjoy.
  • Deliver well-coded websites that work the way they should - without a ton of plugins.
  • Complete more projects in the same amount of time (or even less!)
  • Stop agonizing over hacked sites, broken sites, confusing code, and overwhelming features.
  • Design what you want without limiting yourself to only the “safe” things you know you can develop on your own.

Services that make sense.

Our service offerings have been developed and refined based on feedback from our partners regarding the tasks they dread the most. If you provide web design services, you’ll certainly find something here that makes your life easier. Get in touch with us today!

Website Development

Need someone to code the mockups you create for clients? We'll convert your mockup to a beautiful, mobile-responsive WordPress website running the Genesis framework. As always, our development work is never outsourced and we'll be available for support and guidance as you launch the new custom Genesis theme on your client's site.

We are also available for smaller development projects, such as adding specific functionality or coding mobile responsive logos/headers.

Rates for full website development projects start at $750.

Training and Consulting

If you're a designer who wants to brush up on your CSS and PHP skills (especially as they relate to use of the Genesis framework), our 1-to-1 training and consulting sessions are just what you need!

We use a combination of telephone, email, Skype, and screen sharing to walk you through client projects step by step. Learn to modify Genesis child themes to fit any project!

Training services are offered hourly, with discounts for those who purchase blocks of 5 or 10 hours to be used over time.

Technical Services

We offer an array of technical support services, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Implementing responsive logos/headers for Genesis sites
  • Deployment of new web designs
  • Plugin optimization and configuration
  • Host-to-host migrations
  • Blogger or WP.com to WordPress migrations
  • Ongoing site updates and maintenance
  • Full site backups and restoration

Malware Removal

It's every designer's worst nightmare: You're working with a client and suddenly his or her site has been hacked!

Don't worry - we're ready to help you. Simply contact us with your client's details and we'll be happy to clean up! We'll find the vulnerability, patch it, and configure security measures (site, server, or both) to prevent future attacks.

Malware removal services start at $300.